​Roof Repairs in Melbourne's Eastern Suburbs

We provide reliable, affordable roof repairs to homeowners in Croydon and Melbourne's Eastern Suburbs​

​Roof Repairs

​So you’ve noticed a slate that has moved, or perhaps the rain has just started to drive underneath your tiles. Maybe your felt roof has a tear – whatever the issue, what seems like a small problem can soon escalate into a large one if not repaired promptly.

It’s easy to put it off until another day, but dealing with it now can stop a lot of potential hassle and money later on.

That’s where we at ​Herrick Roofing come in. As soon as you spot a problem with your roof, however small, give us a call and we’ll come and assess it for you.

Chances are it’s an easy fix, and we can deal with it cost-effectively.

If you have an old roof the chances are that it will need repairing in the near future, if not now. However, even if your roof is just a few years old, or even brand new, repair work might need to be carried out if unforeseen damage has occurred.

There are many reasons why you might need roof repairs, here some of the most common reasons.

Leaks and moisture ingress

Leaks or moisture ingress can occur for a number of reasons, including flashings not being installed properly or loose waterproof membranes.

​The consequence of this is that internal structures within your roof and building can show water damage, mould can also build up causing an unhealthy living environment for your family. 

Unsatisfactory installation

Sometimes we have to look further back to find the cause of the problem. Unfortunately, the installation of a roof can be unsatisfactory and sometimes roof repairs have to be carried out because of poor installation.

Here at ​Herrick Roofing we not only provide excellent roof repairs, but also professional roof installation, saving your time, money and stress in the future.

Sometimes the only way to prevent roof damage is to employ passionate and capable roofing contractors like us. 

No maintenance

​If checks and regular maintenance are not carried out on your roof regularly, you could miss an important sign that can indicate the beginning of damage.

By doing this you can catch the problem earlier and save you're self a lot of money and problems further down the line. 

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