​Roof Restoration in Melbourne's Eastern Suburbs

We provide reliable, affordable roofing restoration to homeowners in Croydon and Melbourne's Eastern Suburbs​

​Roof Restoration in ​Croydon and Melbourne's Eastern Suburbs

​For roof restoration in Croydon and the surrounding suburbs in Melbourne’s Eastern Suburbs that is done to an excellent standard, contact me, Nick at Herrick Roofing. 

My team and I are professional Croydon-based roofing experts who offer solutions for all your roofing requirements. From repairs, re-bedding and re-pointing of ridge capping, to complete roof restorations, you can count on us to get the job done. Contact us.

My team and I provide a personalised service and will inspect your roof before providing you with an obligation-free quote on your roof restoration.

​The weather here in ​Melbourne's Eastern Suburbs is hard to keep up with, and roofs end up suffering a lot of damage from the sun, high temperatures, rain, storms, and humidity. ​

If you​r home has​ an old roof and you've noticed it's in need of repair, the team at Herrick Roofing are ​ready to handle your roof installation and repairs!

​Our 10 Step Procedure for Superior Roof Restoration ​

Step 1: ​Inspect the roof

Step 2: ​Rebed and the ridge on the roof

Step 3: Change the rusty valley irons

Step 4: ​Change the broken tiles

Step 5: ​Check the ground has nothing in the open that could get damaged from washing the roof.

Step 6: ​High pressure wash roof

Step 7: ​Clean up the mess from pressure washing

Step 8: ​Repoint the roof

Step 9: ​Blowdown the roof to ensure a clean and neat finish.

Step 10: ​Paint the roof with one coat of primer and two coats of colour our your choice

The process normally takes 3-4 days depending on weather.

When should Your roof be restored?

Your roof would normally need a restoration when your roofing material becomes old and weathered.

Your tiles or metal sheeting will start to deteriorate and develop constant problems such as cracks, lifting, or leaks. It’s recommended to invest in the restoration of your roof as soon as it’s needed, to avoid spending much more on a neglected roof in the long run.

​Benefits of Having Your Roof restored​​

​Besides our affordable roof restoration costs, there are a ​number of ​reasons why it’s necessary to look after your roof:

​Benefit 01

Having your roof restored increases the value of your property.

​Benefit 02

​A good quality roof restoration ​significantly improves the appearance of your home.

​Benefit 03

​Colour coating prevents further deterioration and slows the growth of moss and lichen.

​Benefit 04

​Protects your roof by ensuring it is weather resistant which ​ensures longevity to your roof.

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