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​Hi, I'm Nick Herrick, founder and owner of Herrick Roofing, one of East Melbourne's Trusted Roofing Contractors.

Learn more about me and the roof repair services my team and I provide to the people of Croydon and the surrounding suburbs.

​Excellent Paint Job

"Nick arrived on time to quote painting of our roof. We're please with it so went ahead. Nick arrived on time and completed job. Very happy, thanks Nick.."

​Julie Welch



​Exceeded Expectations

"Exceeded expectations, would recommend this company to anyone.."

​Vin Wragg



​Professional Roof Repair

"Great job done Nick. Replaced all the broken tiles and repointed our roof. It all looks very professional.."

Kerryn Herrick

​My Mum :-)


​5+ Years Of Experience Put To Work For You

Many roofing problems tend to emerge gradually, rather than suddenly.

Therefore, when detected early, these issues can be much more easily and quickly fixed than would be the case if they left unnoticed and allowed to fester before a repair is arranged.

It is possible that your own roofing has some minor problems – such as slipped tiles, weak pointing or cracked flashing – that have so far eluded your notice. 

This is understandable given how difficult it can be to assess a roof without the right expertise. However, left untreated, such issues can too easily develop into much greater problems that would also be expensive to fix.

​Fortunately, here at Herrick's Roofing, we offer a full menu of roofing services to the residents of Croydon and Melbourne's Eastern Suburbs, including a roof health check service whereby we can look over your roof’s condition free of charge.

​We offer a highly skilled team of professional roofers here in the Croydon area to tend to all of your roofing needs from the repair of leaks to restoring or fitting a whole new roofing system using the most efficient techniques for both removal and reconstruction.

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