May 28, 2020

how to choose the right roofing contractor

This article is about something that I find is something of a topic that is often forgotten and needs to be address because people have every right to have expectations when they are paying for a services and shouldn’t settle for anything less than they deserve.

So read below to see what 6 things you need to know to before hiring the right ​roofing contractor for the job.

1. Turn up on time.

How many times have you called up to book any tradie to come out to your house to quote a job you would like done only to not have turn up?

This is terrible and very unprofessional.

Often the person is left waiting for the quote has put there plans on hold for the day and time the person had booked in for.

I can assure you this won’t happen with me, if for any reason I cannot make it, I will let you know in ample time.

2. You get a quote for what you actually need done.

Sometimes tradies will come out to your house and quote a job and try and charge the person for almost everything they can. I find this selfish and unethical. What should be done is the tradie giving the quote should be having conversations with the client on what they would like done to their house. The quote should be written down so everyone is happy with what needs to be done and everyone can see the price of the total.

3. Quality finish guarantee

I take great pride in the quality of the work I do. There is no worse feelings then feeling ripped off and not happy with the work done after it’s been completed. A good quality job is something I a big believer in and am passionate about.

4. They tidy up the mess!

Nothing worse than having a tradie finish a job and then you find they have left rubble from the roof all over your front and back yard. I have seen this occur and can assure you I will take rubble away with me when the job is completed.

5. They take there rubbish with them

How bad is it when you go to put rubbish in your bin and find that the previous tiler who just completed work on your roof put there empty cement bags in your bin and also the empty pointing buckets in there. The tiler thinks they have gotten away with it like the 100s of previous jobs before this one. I don’t know why tilers do this it drives me crazy. It’s not a very ethical thing to do something I have never done or ever will.

6. Client satisfaction guaranteed.

I would never do a job for someone if I couldn’t give them 100%. If you accept a quote I give you, you can accept nothing less for myself.

These are the 6 things you need to ask yourself next time you are having a tradie come out to your place to quote you for a job all of which are worth consideration because after all you are paying for work to be done and want the best outcome and the best outcome you deserve so don’t settle for anything less.

If you have found this article interesting and you wish to chat with an experienced tiler based in the Croydon area, then lets chat . You can contact me on 0422903522.

About the Author

Nick Herrick is the owner of Herrick's Roofing a respected roofing contractor who services residential home owners in Croydon and Melbourne's Eastern Suburbs. Nick and his team can handle all issues with your roof.

Nick Herrick

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