May 28, 2020

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This article is something that I think needs to be addressed right now as winter is only around the corner and any damage that has occurred on your roof over summer is about to be amplified so I've created this list to help you fall out of this trap and to ensure you get your roof winter ready​.

1. To Keep Your Family Safe

This is because often people keep putting of getting their roof done until its to late and water damage has started and which by that time the amount of roof repair work they will have to get done on it will be a lot more and instead on being worth maybe $2000 it could be worth $5500.

2. So You Don’t Have To Get The Indoor Jobs Done Twice

I hear it all the time people decide they will get the inside of there house painted and new carpet or floorboards and then winter comes and they thought there roof had no damage at all and then they are calling around for a roof repair guy and paying extra money being winter to get the roof work done and then the person will also have to pay to get all the work done inside there house again.

So this may sound silly but if your ever thinking of doing some work inside your house please call someone to give your roof a free inspection. Then you will know that you have your roof winter ready.

3. To Make Sure Gutters And Down-Pipes Are Clear From Leaves And Foreign Objects.

With the increased amount of rain fall coming over winter it will be increasing obvious if there is a blockage in your down-pipes or gutters and your eves around your house will be moist looking underneath and this is something that should get fixed asap as you don’t want to have to get all the eaves sheets replaced as its another unnecessary expense.

4. To Avoid Being Over Charged

During winter lots of roof restores increase there prices significantly as they want to earn more money over the hardest time of the year to get jobs completed.

Which as I don’t think its very fair or ethical to do so.

But unfortunately there isn’t to much you could do as user of there services.

5. Keep Unwanted Wild Life Out Of Your Roof

With more rainfall coming over winter you will end up with possums or birds taking shelter in your roof and this can only occur if you have valleys on your roof where the old bedding has fallen away and has nothing under the tiles to stop water coming in also this occur by having the last ridge missing on the hips or the bedding damaged.

Pest controllers aren’t the cheapest to come out and take care of your issues so don’t leave it too late.

6. To Have The Best Looking Roof In The Street

Having the best looking roof in street could have the biggest impact especially if you are looking at selling your home it would add some nice value to your house.

Not to mention that it would be nice with the weather being so bad that you could actually have something looking amazing and water tight and not having to worry about any of your family getting hurt with the ceiling dropping.

These are the reasons I think are needed to be sure you have your roof winter ready especially with ​winter not far away. Please don’t keep putting off getting your roof done i’d hate for these issues to occur to you.

P.S if this is something you would like to avoid happening to you click here to register for a free roof estimate or call me on 0422 903 522.

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Nick Herrick is the owner of Herrick's Roofing a respected roofing contractor who services residential home owners in Croydon and Melbourne's Eastern Suburbs. Nick and his team can handle all issues with your roof.

Nick Herrick

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