March 17, 2020

Best Looking House On The Street

These are the most important steps I think people need to take in order to have the best looking house there are certain things that don’t get remembered.

1. Research the internet for quality roof restoration companies.

This may seem like common sense but most of the time people don’t have the best looking house in the street its because to often people think of getting work done inside there house and never on the roof as people think its only the roof no one will see it.

But this is wrong thinking and in fact if you are thinking of getting work done to your house you should get the work started on the roof and then progress to the rest of the house.

2. Book a roof inspection with your choice of companies.

It is important to get more than one roofing company to come out and look at your roof as often you might pick up different vibes from different people.

You should also have some questions in mind to ask them while booking them in for a roof inspection. Some sample of those questions could be:

  • Do you give a warranty for your work?
  • Do you the right safety procedures?
  • What materials do you use?
  • How long would this job take?
  • Does your company clean up after themselves?
  • Do you have insurance?

If they don’t give an answer your 100% happy with dont book them in as that should be a warning sign.

3. Get a written quote

This is important so both parties no what works are going to be done and then there is no loop holes for either party.

I know myself I have fallen for this one before and I felt like I hadn’t got what I paid for and the situation got worse.

You might also find that the prices of the quotes might vary and that is perfectly fine as you will get what you pay for.

You can always ask the tradesman why there is more and might just because they show you the current condition of your roof in a video and some photos of past jobs they have completed and what you can expect your roof to look.

If at any stage you decide that they aren’t the company you are looking the right should always be yours to make with no manipulation to get the job locked in.

4. Booking in the roof restoration

This is where you have made the decision of who you want to go with and are hoping you can go ahead with the company you have chosen.

Again if you are asked to pay a deposit that is fine as the materials to do the job can get quite expensive. I'd be concerned if I was asked to pay a deposit and I still had to wait longer than a week for the job to start.

But again the company for the roof restoration should be willing to comprise on the deposit amount if they are you still have a choice to say to them I don’t want to go ahead.

5. Getting your roof painted.

Now you have got your restoration booked for your roof this is best part as you can watch them do the work and make sure they stay true to what they said to questions that you asked in step2 .

Then after your roof has been done its then the time to start getting work done around the rest of your house and you can look forward to many people saying to you your house looks amazing I should get something done to my house.

If this is something you would like to please click here or call me on 0422903522 and you can book your free roof estimate now.

About the Author

Nick Herrick is the owner of Herrick's Roofing a respected roofing contractor who services residential home owners in Croydon and Melbourne's Eastern Suburbs. Nick and his team can handle all issues with your roof.

Nick Herrick

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