April 6, 2020

unsafe roof

This topic is something that I thought would be something would like to know especially with winter fast approaching us.

In order to be able to view these things accurately I would suggest you put a ladder safely against the roof and climb up.

1. Rusty Valleys

This one you may think is pretty simple and can be seen from the ground and to some extent you are right. But you will not be able to tell from the ground if there is actually any holes that have gone threw the valley iron itself.

You also might notice that the bedding around the tiles in your valleys might be breaking away and falling down the valley iron this is ok as valley irons arent supposed to have tiles bedded on them at all and if your valley iron is rusty it will need to be replaced.

After you have replaced the valley iron you will need to put some valley seal under the edges of the tiles to ensure that it stays water tight.

2. Broken tiles

This is one that you will need to hop up onto to your roof for. With the broken tiles you are looking for ones where the bottom corners have snapped off.

There might even be some tiles that have broken straight threw the top of the tile down toward the bottom.

To change this tiles all you have to do is kick the tile on the course above it up high enough and one tile either side.

After that has been done the easiest place to put it would be to move it to the gutter course as an imperfections on the tile wont impact your ceiling if its in the gutter course as that row of tiles is generally on your eaves.

Remember after you have moved the last damaged tile to the gutter course make sure you haven’t left any tiles kicked up and the surface of the roof has no holes in it.

3. Cracked bedding on the hips and top ridge

This is one you will need to be on the roof for. What you need to do is walk around your roof and have a look at the ridge caps and see if you can see any cracks on the existing bedding.

If the bedding isn't there I strongly suggest that you get a roof professional to full rebed and point your roof.

If your roof has been rebedded and pointed before you wont need to get it full rebedded just a repoint. You can try and repoint your roof by yourself but you want to make sure that you leave a smooth finish on the sides of the ridge with flexipoint.

It is important that you dont have any cracks in the bedding as water will leak in there and damage your ceiling potentially causing it drop onto someone you love.

4. Blocked gutters.

This one you can tell from the ground but it is heaps easier to clean out your gutters on the roof as you can scoop out all the leaves and debris you have in your gutters.

The easiest way to clean the gutters is to go around and get majority of the junk out of your gutters and then use a leaf blower to get the remaining bit out with that. You want to make sure that there is nothing in there to stop the water flowing nicely as it will do damage to your house otherwise.

5.Blocked Down pipes

This one you can check when your own the roof as there will be probably about 4–5 down pipes around the outside of your house.

​They are supposed to be every 8 meters around the house.

So if you can find the dimensions of your house you can calculate if there is enough to make sure your house is up to Australian standards.

If there inst enough for it to be up to standards I would recommend getting a roof plumber out to fix the issue as is it something that they specialist in and shouldn't attempt unless you know what your doing.

I hope you found this information useful and you will be able to carryout the tasks listed.

If you would like someone to come and give your roof as safety check and see exactly what work needs to be done to your roof click here and register you details and someone will contact you asap to arrange a time

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