March 6, 2020

Paint roof in croydon

​This article is about all the visual signs of what you should be looking for to see if your roof requires a repaint or simple nothing done to it.

1. Rusty valleys

The valleys on your roof look really rusty and could most likely be leaking water into your ceiling every time it rains. This rust occurs due to the age of the roof and most likely because the valleys were all bedded back 10–15yrs ago. This is something that isn’t done anymore due to corrosion it has done to valley irons and a lot of the times the valleys would end up over bedded and water would end up leaking into the ceiling. Valley seal is used now and is lot more effective than have bedded valleys.

2. Bedding falling out of the hips

There is bedding laying next to the ridge causing leaks whenever it rains. This is easy to fix all you need to do is get your roof rebeded and point. Now there is a material used called flexipoint and it moves with house overtime and will prevent bedding failing out of the hips. Flexipoint is also heat sensitive so if it’s going to be a day where it is over 25 the roof tiler shouldn’t be flexipointing unless they start doing it early and also if it’s going to rain the roof tiles shouldn’t be flexipointing to make sure that you get the best possible finish.

3. Broken tiles

You can visually see chipped parts of the tiles missing. There might even be tiles that have been snapped across the centre left in your roof causing a leak. This can generally happen if you have had someone install something on your roof like solar panels or an aircon unit. Often these trades tend to not fix any damage and just leave it there on your roof hoping that they won’t get found out.

4. Water marks on your ceiling

You have some water marks on your ceiling caused by leaky tiles. The best way to monitor this is checking your ceiling after every time it rains and if you notice any new water marks then you will need to get someone to come out and have a look as there could many causes for this issue.

5. Faded roof

You can see that your roof tiles look really faded and almost a plan concrete colour. The original colour of the tiles had faded away time and it looks ugly. As the tiles have lost there original colour there is good chance of water coming in places where it shouldn’t and cause some serious damage to your house and ceiling. The best way to prevent this from happening is by getting it resprayed to a colour you like and your roof will look brand new and is better alternative to getting your whole roof replaced.

If any of these things are happening to your roof then give me a call on 0422903522 and we can book a free quote.

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Nick Herrick is the owner of Herrick's Roofing a respected roofing contractor who services residential home owners in Croydon and Melbourne's Eastern Suburbs. Nick and his team can handle all issues with your roof.

Nick Herrick

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