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Here at ​Herrick Roofing, we specialise in providing the highest quality roofing and property maintenance services in Croydon and Melbourne's Eastern Suburbs.

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​A Family Owned Business

​Herrick Roofing is a ​family owned business ran by Nick Herrick.

We are based in Croydon, Victoria and specialise​ in roof replacements and roof restorations across the ​East Melbourne area.

With over ​5 years of experience and a real customer-focused outlook, ​Herrick Roofing is proud to be one of ​Croydon’s top roofing companies.

Our company specialises in full roof re​storations a​along with general and emergency roof repairs.

​Our team also ​cleans and maintains gutters, downpipes, gutter guard, ​​and of course, use quality ​products from reputable local suppliers.

Nick HErrick, Owner of Herrick Roofing


Discover how we can make a difference ​to your home.

​We provide a no nonsense approach to roof repairs: providing a free, no obligation quote to all our customers.

Additionally, we will provide with our reports photographs showing the current roof problem, so that our customers can identify with the necessary repairs, and have their own visual of the roof. 

​Once works have been carried out/repairs, then we will also issue a photograph showing works completed, providing peace of mind that works have been completed to a high standard.

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